My name is Matt, in less than three weeks I will finish university, that’s it. Done. I don’t know what I want to do, what I’m going to do or what will happen and personally, that’s exciting.┬áThere is nothing that will prepare me for the next year. Currently, I’m thinking of applying for an MA. I don’t know whether or not I will but its the ‘plan’.

I’m starting this blog to ramble. I love all things from all works of life, even more so writing about them. I am a man who loves to write, a man who loves to read and a man who loves to talk. I don’t know why I’m urged to start this but I am. I’m not new to blogging or even writing in general, I have started many for different reasons, but for some reason I have a refreshed appetite for writing. Will anyone read this? Who knows. Will anyone listen to what I say? Who knows.

This is a personal project of mine there will be no specific theme that we will always talk about, well there is one theme. My personal taste, which often involves politics. I mentioned the fact that I love all things and I do have a wide range of interests, these interests are what I will ramble about. Some posts will be about movies, some politics and some will just be my thoughts. This is not an attempt at a professional style of writing its just a man who loves writing and wants to improve. It’s an alleyway into the mind of Matt.


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